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✅  Introduction to Learn to Blog

Let me ask you this: Where is the beginning? You buy a program, and you are hoping to make some money. Then you discover that the program is really not going to work. Not only are you not making money, but you just spent more money on another failing program. It is not going to work because they started you in the middle. Someone started you in the middle, and now you need more information. Of course, you get more information by paying for the upgraded programs. $99.00 to start. $250.00 will get you more. $700.00 and someone will chat with you.

Are you tired of this process? I know I am. So I decided to put together my own program for you. Yes, you. Why? I have lots of reasons, but know this. My program starts from the beginning.

What to expect in the Pre Blogging module. In the Pre Blogging module, I have done the work for you by putting together everything you need to know and do before "tossing your blog on the Internet" and "waiting for the money to just roll in" like some of those YouTubers promise.

You will be spending most of your time in the Pre Blogging module.

Pre Blogging is where you will be focuing on the design of your blog and setting up email accounts, domain names, phone numbers, address, blog names, PayPal accounts, and your social media accounts. #imetawolf
What to expect in the Building Your Blog module. You will learn how to use the Google Blogger platform. There are several reasons why I choose to use and teach it. Over the last fifteen years up to the present, Google Blogger has been free. There are no monthly fees. Another reason is Google Blogger plays well with the other Google programs. It also allows you to make extra money from their Google Ads program, which they will help you set up.

In the Building Your Blog module, we will go over how to upload your Google Blogger template and upload your articles and photos. We will also go over how to customize the design of your blog by choosing background colors, fonts, and styles that you want. Then you will be ready to publish and share your new blog with the world. #imetawolf
What to expect in the SEOing Your Blog module. SEO is short for search for engine optimization. This means you or others you pay are going to do their best to get people to your blog. But know this: You do not want or need everyone to find you—just the people who are looking for you. There are plenty of conversations on this topic, and we will talk more it later.

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the process of helping search engines find your blog. In essence, it is like saying, Are any of these search results what you are looking for? And your blog is among the top results.

  1. Technical optimization: Creating an SEO friendly Internet site for search engines.
  2. On-page optimization: Writing keywords in your post titles and content.
  3. Off-page optimization: Telling people face-to-face, or with business cards, or with flyers, etc. to come visit me at my blog.
  4. Paid optimization: Paying an SEO company for their efforts to get traffic to your site. #imetawolf
What to expect in the Stuff You Should Know module. In this module, I have collected numerous small bits of miscellaneous knowledge that will be helpful to you during the process of creating and publishing your blog. For example, did you know the DuckDuckGo search engine never collects any information about you? They also do not track your personal information on the Internet! These are the reasons why I recommend DuckDuckGo.

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In the movie The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy found the man behind the curtain pretending to be the Great Wizard of Oz, the spell of the Wizard was broken and the powerful Wizard was exposed as a fraud.

What is my point?

Let us take a look behind the Google Blogger curtain and see just how the whole program works. Then you will understand what you need to do.

Actually, the Google Blogger program is pretty good, especially for being free!

Okay, let me tell you why Google Blogger is a good program to use. You or I could build an endless amount of blogs for any business ideas that we could come up with. We could even make a business building blogs for others.

Let me say that once you see and understand working with Google Blogger, it is like learning how to drive a car, learning how to bake or cook, or learning how to do any other project in life.

You are on the Internet and can create and maintain your own blog for free without paying anyone. You can invest less than the cost of a domain name alone and still be selling your products or services in a short time. How about that! You maybe wondering, Can I really do this? It is all up to you and your efforts.

imetawolf is different: no advertising, no subscription fees, and no paywalls. Those things do not belong here. imetawolf's Learn to Blog is a place to learn, free from bias or agenda. I invite you today to financially contribute and support imetawolf's Learn to Blog with whatever feels right for you. If you are unable to give at this time, I hope you keep me in mind for when you are able. I want to thank you. Please contribute and support using PayPal.

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