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✅  Introduction to Building Your Blog

Choosing a Google Blogger template is the first step in building your blog. You can get a free template from Google Blogger, or you can purchase an SEO-specific template, such as the one I use and sell. There are also a few businesses that offer free templates you can be uploaded to your blog.

Your domain name is located at the top of your blog as is known as the URL (Uniform Resource Locator), which simply means your blog's Internet address, for example . You can get a free Blogger domain name or a custom domain name you purchased that will be displayed in the URL. A custom domain name costs approximately $20.00 per year through Google or another company.

As a blogger, your workspace is what is called the "back end" (behind the scenes.) The back end is basically where you do all your coding to create what the "font end" shows the public in your published blog, like you are reading right here. It is up to you to code your blog so that it will be look creative and distinctive to viewers on your published blog.

You might initially feel overwhelmed by jargon such as: gadgets, posts, headers, footers, fonts, html tags, css tags, and links. However, it will not be long before these terms become complely familiar to you. Learn to Blog     #imetawolf
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imetawolf is different: no advertising, no subscription fees, and no paywalls. Those things don't belong here. imetawolf's Learn to Blog is a place to learn, free from bias or agenda. I invite you today to financially contribute and support imetawolf's Learn to Blog with whatever feels right for you. If you are unable to give at this time, I hope you keep me in mind for when you are able. I want to thank you. Please contribute and support using PayPal.

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